Ryan White Primary Care Clinic


AIDS Information Line In Georgia:
(800) 551-2728

AID Atlanta in Atlanta:
(404) 870-7700

If Calling Out of State:
(404) 876-9944

Ryan White Primary Care Clinic FAQ’s

What are the hours of operation for the Ryan White Primary Care Clinic?

The Ryan White Primary Care Clinic is by appointment only.
Please call (404) 613-1430 to schedule an appointment.

Monday and Tuesday
8:00 – 11:00 AM and 1:00-6:00 PM

Wednesday thru Friday
8:00-11:00 AM and 1:00 – 3:30 PM
Registration Closes between 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM and at 3:00 PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday

What types of services are offered by the Ryan White Primary Care Clinic?

Medical Care:
Routine medical visits
Complete physical examinations
Screening and treatment for STD, TB and other diseases
Male/Female Condoms & Dental Dams
Standard bloodwork for HIV Primary Care through Private and State Lab
Hepatitis B and C screening, PAP Smears and X-ray
Staging of dsease and screening for Opportunistic Infection
Prophylactic treatment for opportunistic infections
Vaccines for Pneumococcus, Hepatitis A & B and Influenza and HPV
Antiretroviral and Primary Care medications dispensed on-site
Referrals to appropriate providers and co-management of diseases
Nutritional assessments, individualized care plans, and nutritional counseling
Assistance to build immune system and nutritional status (i.e., supplements, multivitamins, and food vouchers)
Education sessions for general improvement of health through support group gatherings

Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services include:
Screening patients for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
Support for Grief, Trauma and Depression
Crisis Intervention for Patients Needing Emergency Consultations
Anti-psychotic, Anti-depressant and Mood Stabilizers
Medication Management
Brief Supportive Psychotherapy
Insight Oriented Psychotherapy
Educated Therapy
Referrals to Self Help Groups
Referrals for inpatient services
HIV Support

Dental Services
Initial Assessments/Exams for All Clients
Routine Cleanings and X-Rays
Fillings for Cavities
Services for Partials

Peer Navigation
Advocate for patients
Help identify and overcome barriers
Provide social support
Facilitate access
Foster trust in the system
Reduce stigma

What are the eligibility requirements in order to receive services?

In order to receive services funded by Ryan  White Part A, clients must meet eligibility criteria (every 6 months) which include:

  • Positive HIV serostatus
  • Residency within the 20-county eligible metropolitan area (referred to as EMA),
  • Income no greater than 300% of federal poverty level (updated yearly), and
  • Enrollment in primary medical care

Recipients of Part A funds must maintain documentation of the items listed above prior to provision of any Part A services. It is not acceptable for the client to self-report the information required to determine eligibility.

You will need to bring in PROOF OF YOUR INCOME AND PROOF OF RESIDENCY in the 20 county EMA before your enrollment to the program. The 20 County EMA area covers the following counties: Barrow, Bartow, Carroll, Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, Dekalb, Douglas, Fayette, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett, Henry, Newton, Paulding, Pickens, Rockdale, Spalding, and Walton

Examples of proof of income include:

  • Pay check stubs,
  • A notarized statement or letter (on letterhead from employer) verifying income,
  • W2 forms, Public Assistance letters,
  • Unemployment checks, and social security award letters.

Examples of proof of residency in the 20 county EMA include:

  • Copy of Utility, Cable TV or Phone Bill
  • Copy of Lease/Mortgage Agreement
  • Letter from Shelter if homeless
  • Letter from person (i.e., family or friend) who is responsible for the space you reside

What is the payment policy?

It is Fulton County’s policy to assess the income of all clients to determine their ability to pay for services received. A sliding fee scale is based on income; however no eligible client is denied services due to their inability to pay.

  • At each visit, registration staff determines service eligibility by reviewing income status and establishes the charge for the visit based on services requested.
  • The intake staff verifies income by asking the client to provide proof of income.
  • The service eligibility process occurs before each patient is seen for service.
  • Depending on the income, there maybe no charge for services.
  • Fees are calculated by the intake staff and any amount the client can pay is payment in full for services provided.  Clients pay the cashier and are provided a receipt the same day services are rendered. All funds collected directly from clients and from third party billing such as Medicaid/Medicare are wholly used by the Clinic to further support HIV related services.

Is there a typical plan for case management?

Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness has two case managers on-site to help remove barriers preventing you from getting into medical care (i.e., housing, food assistance, etc.).  Clients will be screened for case management services every six months.

Eligibility requirements are usually the same as that of the clinic.  Once eligibility is verified, the case manager will give the client an overview of the case management program, requirements, available services, and determine the client’s desire to enroll into the case management program.

An intake will then be conducted and an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) will be developed together with the client to determine the best plan to address his/her needs and accomplish the client’s goals. The case manager will maintain regular contact with each client on a monthly basis to work together on goals. Together with the client, the case manager will re-assess the ISP, make modifications, indicate progress and determine further services needed.

We will work together with you in your healthcare treatment and help you to live successfully as well as help you to improve your quality of life.

What is the typical schedule of services?

We will be accountable to you by providing the following services:



Physical Exams Yearly
Routine Doctor’s Appointments Every 6 months
Routine Mental Health (Psychiatrist) Appts. Monthly
Chest X-Rays Yearly
TB Skin Tests Yearly
Routine Vaccines

  • Influenza annually
  • Pneumoccocal Pneumonia and then repeat once at five years
  • Tetanus every 10 years or as medically directed
  • One-time TDAP vaccine
  • Human Papilloma Virus vaccine for eligible women
  • Hepatitis A or B vaccine


STD Screening (including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis) At initial visit and yearly
Routine Lab work T-Cell Counts Every 3-4 Months
Viral Load Every 3-4 Months
Pap Smears Yearly
Screening for Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Case Management At Enrollment and Every 6 Months
Dental Assessment At Initial Lab Review Appointment

What are my rights as a patient of the Ryan White Primary Care Clinic?

As a valued patient of the Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness you have the right to: 

Access to care
You will receive medical treatment and services regardless of your race, color, gender, age, national origin, religion, disability, language, or source of payment. 

You have the following rights with respect to your health information: The right to request confidential communications and alternative means of communication with you; the right to request restrictions on certain uses of your health information; the right to inspect and copy certain medical information that we maintain about you; the right to request an amendment of your health information.

Participate in care planning
You will be an active participant in your plan of care, including requesting or refusing treatment. There is no right to demand treatment or services your doctor considers medically unnecessary or inappropriate.  Though we promote family involvement in your care, you have the right to exclude any or all family members from participating in decisions about your care. 

Your personal privacy will be protected during personal hygiene activities, when receiving medical or nursing treatments, when discussing clinical care issues with your doctor or other staff, and when requesting other times as appropriate.

Clear information
You will be kept informed of your health status, prognosis, and any proposed treatments or procedures. Your will be given the name of the physician with primary responsibility for your care, and the identity and professional qualifications of those authorizing or performing treatment. If you are unable to receive this information, it will be given to the person legally acting on your behalf. You will be given opportunities to discuss your health care with your doctor.

Should it be necessary for your care and medically advisable, we may transfer you to another health care facility. You may also request such a transfer. Decisions regarding transfers are based on our ability to provide the type of care you need.

Language assistance services
If you are deaf/hard-of-hearing, blind, have limited English proficiency, or have any other recognized impediment to standard communication, free language assistance

What are my responsibilities as a patient of the Ryan White Primary Care Clinic?

Patients of the Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness, Communicable Disease Prevention Branch and their families are responsible for:

  • Providing, to the best of their knowledge, accurate and complete information about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, and other matters relating to the client’s health and for reporting unexpected changes in the client’s condition to the responsible practitioner
  • Asking questions when they do not understand when they have been told about the client’s care or what they are expected to do
  • Understanding the consequences of failing to follow the recommended course of treatment, or of using other treatments
  • Refraining from emotional outbursts, smoking, causing distractions, using profanity, or harassing/threatening personnel or other patients; Clients displaying this behavior will be escorted by security out of the building and will be evaluated on returning to clinic for future services
  • Respecting the property of the clinic, clinic personnel, other clients
  • Making and keeping all appointments
  • Keeping eligibility information/documentation accurate and up-to-date

How do I apply for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)?

You must apply in person for services from the AIDS Drug Assistance Program.  Applications may not be processed via telephone or by someone other than the client or the client’s court-recognized legal representative.

The application for ADAP will be completed initially by the Clinician or ADAP Coordinator. A physician will sign off under “Physician Information”.

The ADAP application packet must be completed for consideration of enrollment in ADAP. The following is included in the application packet:

  • ADAP Application
  • Monthly Adjusted Gross Income Worksheet
  • Medicaid Screening Worksheet
  • Georgia Residency Worksheet

All necessary documents/paperwork (i.e., proof of residency/income) must be presented at the time of ADAP appointment.  A case manager, nurse, physician, department staff , or other unrelated person is never permitted to sign a client’s name in place of the client for any reason.

Once the State ADAP Office receives the completed application packet, allow a maximum of 30 thirty business days for processing and enrollment in ADAP.

What are the eligibility requirements for ADAP?

The client is responsible for providing proof of eligibility for ADAP.  All information provided is kept completely confidential and will only be used for determining program eligibility.  Medications may not be dispensed in any case until medical, financial and resident eligibility are confirmed.  Clients are not eligible if he/she has pharmacy insurance benefits.  Individuals are eligible for ADAP if they:

  1. Are HIV-positive
  2. Have an annual income equal to or below 300% of the current Federal Poverty Level.
  3. Are a resident of Georgia
  4. Are 18 years of age or older
  5. Have a valid prescription from a Georgia licensed physician
  6. Are not covered by or eligible for Medicaid or other third-party payer


Income Eligibility Criteria
Individuals who have household incomes equal to or below 300% FPL are eligible for ADAP and may receive drugs free of charge through the program. At the initial enrollment and every subsequent 6-month recertification, the client must provide documentation of income for all household members. For eligibility purposes HOUSEHOLD is defined as the client and the client’s spouse, co-located partner, dependent children or adult dependents. It may also be defined as an adult client living with her/his parent(s).

If the client is married, documentation for the spouse’s income is required. If the client is being supported by her/his parent(s), their income should be considered. However, no income documentation is necessary for the parent(s). It should be documented on the “Financial Information Section” of the ADAP application.

There may be household combinations with other relatives or friends. A client with no dependents, living with a friend who is providing only food and shelter, would be counted as a household of one. The only income considered is that of the client.

Documentation of all sources of income, both taxable and nontaxable, is required.  Income that must be counted in determining eligibility includes, but is not limited to:

  • Employment income
  • Social Security (SSDI)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • General assistance
  • Unemployment and Veteran Administration benefits
  • Benefits income of client’s dependent children (survivor’s benefits, etc.)
  • Retirement benefits
  • Private disability
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Cash support from family and friends
  • Food stamps

Documentation of all sources of income can include, but is not limited to:

  • Individual Federal Income Tax Return
  • Individual Georgia Income Tax Return
  • W-2 or 1099
  • Pay stubs for the last two consecutive pay periods, indicating a year-to-date total and the pay period, e.g., weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, etc.
  • Signed employer statements with dates, position, salary and phone number
  • Disability Award Letter indicating the pay period, e.g., weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, etc.
  • Bank statement, acceptable for SSI, VA, SSDI
  • Food stamp letters
  • Documentation of alimony

A client who is living with someone who is providing room and board must provide a support verification letter from the person with whom he or she is living.

If a client has additional questions, who do they contact?

If you have any additional questions please call us at 404-613-1430 or contact us here (standup2hivatl@gmail.com).

Our staff is dedicated to helping you access services available to you. Here are a few things you should know about us:

  • We operate by appointments.  When you come for an appointment, show your appointment card to the information desk clerk in the waiting area. Fill out the information sheet and wait until your number is called.
  • On your first visit, we will create a medical chart for you by asking you some questions about your medical history. Then you will be schedule for your next visit (medical visit) as soon as possible.
  • On your second visit, we will draw some blood to determine your medical needs.  You will also meet with a counselor to address maintaining your health and to assist with answering your questions.
  • After the third appointment, you can schedule a visit with the dentist. All patients must have a dental exam. It is your responsibility to schedule this appointment.
  • You will be screened for mental health, substance abuse, or case management services and, if necessary, you will be referred to a counselor or case manager.
  • HIV support groups are conducted on Monday evenings from 5:30 p.m. to
  • 7:00 p.m. All clients are encouraged to attend. MARTA Breeze cards will be provided.
  • If you need to come to the clinic when you don’t have an appointment, PLEASE CALL FIRST. In an emergency, you should go to the nearest emergency room.  Please take your medications with you.

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